It has been a minute hasn’t it? You see, back in January there was a great push forward for Deliver hope and the Everdread brand but, with it being a small enterprise and 100% of it running after hours from my daily career as a design director, things took a back seat. Art in general took a back seat as life finds a way to make a week disappear in a few minutes.

But, the familiar bite and call of the comic pages has again pulled me back. So what is coming? Deliver Hope #1 is about 85% complete when I last stopped so I believe that will be the next stop. I would really like to share that with the world sooner than later and hopefully begin the adventures of the girls from Bearclaw town.

Back in January when I was at Otakon Vegas, the brave souls that came to my table asked the same question – What is Deliver Hope? I will gladly answer that now:

Deliver Hope is a comicbook project that I started way back in 2006. The idea was simple – a Science fiction/Fantasy at its core but featured slice of life elements peppered alongside comedy and a good dose of tension. The central theme was focused around the lives of several main characters all with the same goal; to come together for the greater good. Be it through the sting of racism, the pain of self-imposed exile or through overcoming ones own fears.  Deliver Hope is set to hit on very real subject matter under the guise of an adventure.

Complex? sort of. Fun? definitely.